360 TianDi

360 TianDi intelligent NGFW is a new firewall product based on NDR (Network threat detection and response) module and professionally builds for the government, financial, military, education, operators and enterprise customers, and is the important component of the 360 “Cloud + Endpoint + Boundary” next generation security defense system(as “Cooperative Defense”). Under the support of a strong performance and more advanced architecture, 360 TianDi intelligent NGFW has integrated the functions of ACL, User Authentication, VSYS, Behavior Control, and Application comprehensive security protection etc. All of these functions provide both IPv4 and IPv6 network capabilities. Meanwhile 360 TianDi intelligent NGFW deeply mixes together with 360 Skylar endpoint system and 360 Skyeye big data product lines, and has finished the multiply cooperation with 360 TI, Skylar, Cloud Anti-Virus, Unknown threat analysis. 360 TianDi intelligent NGFW not only has achieved the known threat protection, but also provided the APT detection, compliance resolution, and threat traceability.

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